Noble Houses of Tolonda

  • House Von Kaldreon

House Von Kaldreon is the founding family of the Archduchy of Tolonda. The family of Von Kaldreon first formed the nation and house when its sovereign and house monarch retired from Galactic Empire service. Uther Von Kaldreon reigns as current house patriarch, archduke, and founder for the family line. Upon his retirement Archduke Von Kaldreon was branded a traitor to the Emperor. As he had joined forces with the Galactic Alliance to ensure the people of his domain would be free from imperial oppression he once was forced to instill. During this period of being in the Galactic Alliance the house of Von Kaldreon reigned in many forms until it formed the Archduchy of Tolonda. In which it has from that day enhanced the living of all those under their sovereign protection.

  • House Cole
  • House Ryder