Nobility Structure

  • Archduke of Tolonda – The Archduke of Tolonda is the Sovereign of the nation. His duty is to oversee the whole nation and ensure its constant growth. All other nobles serve at his leisure and may be dismissed or appointed duties at any time. All those within the realm whether noble or citizen swears unquestioned allegiance to the Archduke of Tolonda.
  • Prince of Tolonda – The Prince of Tolonda is the Archdukes senior son who is expected to one day reign as Archduke when the current Archduke abdicates the throne. The Prince of Tolonda performs any and all duties that his father the sovereign invests into his role.
  • Duke/Duchess – A Duke is a senior noble who has shown unquestionable loyal to the royal family of Tolonda. The Dukes are the senior advisors, wealthiest, and most influential in the realm. A Duke may oversee upwards of a sector within the control of the nation.
  • Margrave/Margravine – A Margrave is a specially appointed nobility title within Tolonda. It may or may not ever be filled at any time. Typically the title is bestowed upon a noble whom also serves in the military itself. A Margrave shall only be those invested with military authority or command at any time. Margraves may oversee upwards of a whole sector within the realm of the nation.
  • Count/Countess – Counts of the nation are leading nobles who oversee vast territories including upwards of several systems or planets. A count may also be vested to lead a division within the nation.
  • Viscount/Viscountess – Viscounts of the nation are leading nobles who may be vested to lead and manage multiple planets within the realm itself.
  • Baron/Baroness – A Baron is a lower noble of the realm. Those of the Baron class of noble are recently elevated into the realm. In this role they are typically titled to a single planet. On rare occasions the Archduke may vest them with the title to multiple planets.
  • Knight – A knight of the realm is someone who has shown loyalty and been acknowledged for their loyalty. Those who serve as knights work under lords or ladies of the realm. They are vested with the responsibility to learn multiple aspects of the nation