Government Stance

Neutrality– This is the default setting for all those who either do business with Tolonda, around Tolonda, or have no current relations with the state of Tolonda.

  • Non-Aggression Pact – A Nap is the first step to forming any relationship toward Tolonda and future relations. A NAP with Tolonda is detailed and carries deadlines written into the agreement to bring about active communications and relationship building.
  • Economic Partnership– An EP is used by Tolonda to bolster both its business partner and that of itself. This agreement is used perform long term trade agreements, economic support, and continue forwarding friendships.
  • Military Defense Agreement– An MDA is used in Tolonda to form agreements of military aid. When signing this agreement both parties are agreeing to fight on the basis of defending core regions, sovereignty, and rights of friends.
  • Military Unification Agreement– A MUA is defined as an extended military partnership between states. This agreement expands upon the MDA in that it means both states agree to more than critical defense.
  • Sovereign Rights Alliance – The SRA is a full circle alliance agreement. Those who fall under the SRA work together both economically, military, and politically to assist each other. The SRA is the highest tier of alliance that Tolonda offers.

Hostile Positions

  • At War – States that Tolonda deem to be enemies and engage in conflict against. This status is the highest tier of negative status achieved in diplomatic relations.
  • Hostile – While a State is deem hostile by Tolonda. Tolonda forces will treat that state as a high risk to all factors its involved in. Extreme Caution is to be had when dealing with a Hostile State.
  • Criminal Syndicate – Those deemed a criminal syndicate are barred from any trade relations with Tolonda. Tolonda uses this to identify those likely to use criminal actions against it or other allied states.
  • Military Blockade/Occupation– States that are placed into this bracket are considered an expanding hostile nation and as such they are blockaded. This is a means to open further dialogue and bring the other party to the discussion table.
  • Trade Embargo – Tolonda uses a Trade Embargo as a first means when relations go in the negative direction. Trade Embargo‚Äôs ban all form of business with the state, citizens, or its interests from working on any economic agreements.