Archduchy Heirarchy

  • Archduke Uther von Kaldreon – Archduke of Tolonda
  • Duke Corey Vildras – Duke of Tamra
  • Margrave Adin Cole – Margrave of Oshora

Royal Council Advisors

  • Sir Tachibana Ryu – Chairman of Tamra Royal Excavations – Knight Revyia
  • Sir Gabus Peacecraft – Commandant of Royal Corsairs – Knight of Neelgaimon
  • Sir Elegos Ryder – Chairman of Royal Engineers of Krmar – Knight of House Kaldreon
  • Director of Medicine Akilina Alanes – Chairwoman of Oshora Pharmacology
  • Constable Esul Enif – Commander of the Sacred Shields
  • Consul Markus Redd – Chief Scrollmaster of the Order of Whispered Scrollkeepers